Questions and Answers

We were asked recently if we would consider putting up a web page that provided answers to common questions people might ask about our Ebuta Goat Dairy. The Q & A page on this website lists some of the questions and answers that have been put to us at various times. We hope  the information is both helpful and informative. A number of topics are considered to do with licensing, nutrition, animal health and product testing. We will add to these topics from time to time.

Cheers Brian and Jean

News Update

The Ebuta Goat Dairy has fully updated their on-line shop at

We are trialing a new delivery system so a broader range of customers can access our unique dairy product range of:

  • Raw Goat Milk
  • Goat Milk Gelato
  • Goat Milk Soap

We are hoping that our delivery and freight forwarding process will have appeal to a larger cross section of people in Nth Queensland. Keep in mind that having a raw goat milk product available for Nth Queenslanders is a unique privilege and we are hoping to get more people enjoying the benefits of our raw goat milk as well as enjoying our gelato and soap products.

See under Delivery on the MENU bar of this web.

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(Update 08th November 2016)

Welcome to  the Ebuta Goat Dairy located in the Dry Tropics at Townsville, Nth Queensland. The Ebuta Goat Dairy is a niche business supplying a premium raw goat milk product to the people of Nth Queensland. The dairy is fully accredited with Safe Food Production Qld (SFPQ). SFPQ is the regulative body for the dairy industry in Queensland.

You can watch this visual of the Ebuta Goat Dairy story at this link.

The dairy is a family business and Jean and myself (Brian) wish to thank everyone for their support over the last few years as we have built towards getting our raw goat milk dairy established.

The Ebuta Goat Dairy is now in the process of launching their new product range of Capra Latte (goat milk) Gelato. All our trials have been a great success and many people are asking, ‘When can we buy it?’ Well our gelato product is now available at many locations in Townsville and Far Nth Qld. We first trial launched the gelato at the Townsville Show event on 1st-4th July 2016. Since then it has been well received by the public and we have been doing launches of the product throughout October 2016. The product is being sold in 400gm (Family Serve) and 80gm (Single Serve) tubs and is being sold at selected retail outlets and tourist venues throughout Nth Qld.We also are available to serve gelato at your special event with a broad range of gelato flavours.

Our premium unpasteurized milk has of course been re-released in our new milk labeling. ‘Your Healthy Living Choice’


Ebuta raw goat milk